Ukraine Education - a well established visionary Education consultancy helps Indian and foreign students to obtain quality higher education in Medicine and Engineering from top Govt universities in Ukraine. With the most experienced team of educational experts from India and abroad, we help students to get admission in Ukraine.
We share a long lasting bond with the students. Not only we show them the path of success in higher education in Ukraine, but we also guide the students and their parents with updated information about prospective courses, universities and job opportunities. Ukraine Education is authorized by top Govt. Universities of Ukraine.
We guide students to choose the best option for them according to their academics and needs. Our main aim is to provide the best support and guidance to the students from the moment they decide to register with us.
A part from providing the students with the admission services as a consultancy, we also provide them with all the necessary support in medical insurance, visa, easy travel, and financial help about living and studying in Ukraine. Getting admission in MBBS or engineering in Ukraine becomes a very simple procedure with our consultancy.
Our experienced staff provide the best guidance to the students in choosing the right University that best fits their profile. It becomes very easy for the students from India and abroad o choose the best college to pursue their MBBS or engineering degree.

Ukraine Education was established with a vision to provide an international platform for quality education in medical and engineering to Indian and foreign students. We make sure that we help the students in following the right path to get admission in the suitable university of their own choice and requirements in Ukraine.
Our aim is to enable every student to pursue their dream in Medical and Engineering field without any apprehension. We want to promote the friendly relation between India and Ukraine by sending aspiring students to Ukraine and educating them about the opportunities that lies ahead after completing their courses in these countries.

We provide the following services to the students:
  • Full assistance in registration with University in Ukraine.
  • Admission Letter through the academy.
  • Apply for your MCI/DCI Eligibility certificate.
  • Provide medical check-up assistance in India.
  • Prepare your visa support Letter in the university.
  • Visa stamping
  • Help in getting air tickets.
  • Foreign Exchange assistance.
  • Scheduling your departure.
  • Receiving you at the Airport.
  • Escorting you from Airport to the University.
  • Accommodation assistance until you get a room in the hostel.
  • Medical Check Up at arrival.
  • Regular feedback to parents.
  • Assistance in providing Visa to parents for their visit to Ukraine (if required).
  • Thorough checking of your documents as per the academic rules and regulations and we confirm your admission by providing you the admission letter from the university.