Nowadays many locations compete with each other across the globe, to attract students from foreign countries to study medical courses. Among the top locations for MBBS studies, Ukraine is one location of Eastern Europe; that has attracted a large number of students from foreign countries that too mainly India from past 10 years. Ukraine is becoming a trending destination among international students to pursue MBBS, MD and other medical related degrees. Ukraine has been acquired the fourth position in Europe for having the largest number of post graduates in the different fields of medicine.
Indian students get the privilege of the fees structure in Ukraine for MBBS studies, which is less than as compared to other countries including India itself. Ukraine is among the most reasonable countries in terms of fee structure for MBBS in Ukraine. If we talk about the social environment, people are very helping over there. The weather of Ukraine is fairly warmer than its neighboring countries. Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Students have a great choice to choose from the top medical universities in Ukraine. Medical education in Ukrainian medical institutions, is comparable to European countries but at much cheaper rates. The infrastructure and quality of accommodation & campuses of medical institutions in Ukraine is very high. Students lead a memorable and healthy life in Ukraine at on-campus or off-campus. Students are blessed with the well-equipped hostels with all the facilities like heating system, TV, internet, laundry etc. The college campuses in Ukraine have many fitness clubs, sports clubs, activity centers and swimming pools where students can work out and keep themselves fit. Every medical college in Ukraine has a library with a big volume of required books and reading material for the students. There are basically Three types of universities for Medicine in Ukraine; National University for MBBS in Ukraine, State University for MBBS in Ukraine and Private University for MBBS in Ukraine.
There are many well-known medical institutions in Ukraine, which are recognized by the world’s major organizations like WHO, UNESCO, MCI and many more. The graduates from Ukrainian Universities/institutions; are eligible to work in any part of the world. The admission process in Ukraine medical universities is very simple as there is no requirement for the additional entrance tests for getting admission in a medical college in Ukraine. The students studying MBBS in Ukraine get full exposure to practical training and experiments which helps them in gaining better knowledge in their fields and become successful doctors.
English is used as a medium of instruction in all the Ukrainian Universities, which makes it easier for students from other countries to learn better. Participation of medical students in many activities, international level conferences and seminars are compulsory. It helps them in gaining better knowledge and experience.
All the medical universities in Ukraine are managed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The ministry has been keen in the development of the education system in the medical colleges in Ukraine.

    The most popular specializations of medical stream in MBBS in Ukraine are:
  1. General medicine
  2. Pediatrics
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Dentistry
  5. Surgery

Ukraine has provided to be an important part in the development of education in the fields of science and medicine in Europe. Not only after Independence in 1991, but before that too Ukraine has been successful in building an excellent basis for providing higher medical education with recognized standards across the world. The higher medical educational degrees like MBBS are available in more than 20 medical schools in Ukraine.
At present, more than 1000 students almost, 110 different countries are pursuing their higher education from Ukraine universities. A large number of students come from India, China, Turkey, Uganda, Russia, Malaysia and central European countries.
For students who dream to make a career in medicine, Ukraine MBBS Colleges is a great option. Anyone can easily afford education in Ukraine because all universities offer quality education at reasonable price than can be afforded by everyone. The students who scored good marks are also offered some scholarships in MBBS in Ukraine thus they can avail such benefits.
The students studying in the universities of Ukraine get ample of opportunities to participate in the international conferences, exchange programs and various scientific projects in various universities from Germany, France, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, USA and Austria.
An amalgamation of quality education and affordable costs is what students can expect from the Ukrainian universities.


Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy

Among Top Medical Universities of Ukraine, uniquely known for providing training in all its faculties to international students

VN Karazin Kharkiv National University

Ranked in top 500 universities in the world and famous for its preparatory classes of clinical investigations

Zaporozhye State Medical University

Self-governing & Multi-profile University considered best in offering MBBS, MD and numerous therapeutic courses

Kharkiv National Medical University

Formerly known as Kharkiv Medical Institute and Kharkiv State Medical University, is a famed medical university in Ukraine

Kiev National Medical University

One of the prominent medical establishments of Ukraine, offering MBBS/MD /BDS and numerous projects in pharmaceuticals

Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

Established in 1945, Top-ranked non-profitable Govt. medical university with extremely peaceful and void of any distractions


Nowadays, Ukraine is becoming a hot destination among students from around the world to pursue MBBS, MD and other medical degrees. International students pursuing MBBS from Ukraine, considers it as the ideal choice for medical studies in all aspects. It’s worth studying MBBS in Ukraine. Situated in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is a sovereign nation, sharing its borders with Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland and Slovakia to the west, Hungary, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea to the south. Capital of the Ukraine is Kiev, most populous city of Ukraine, placed in the north-central part of the country on the Dnieper.
Until the end of 20th century, Ukraine was divided among different countries and empires and was a part of Soviet Union until 1990. Ukraine is a republic country, as in 1991 Ukraine became a non-aligned European country. It has its own Government, National Emblem, National flag and National anthem. Hryvnia (UAH) is the only authoritative currency of Ukraine, which is equal to approximately 2.65 Indian Rupee (variable). Ukrainian is the only official language of Ukraine; although Russian is widely spoken, according to the constitution. Ukrainian language is the leading language in the west while Russian in Eastern & Southern regions of the country. In Kyiv, Russian is used more often as a part of daily life although Ukrainian is used as the official language in the institutions.
In today’s era, Ukraine has a population of approx. 46 million people, with a maximum number of people originally & ethnically from Ukraine. Ukraine has land borders by various countries like Russia, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania and Byelorussia; and sea borders with Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Ukraine has the popularity for its Crimean Mountains in the Crimean peninsula and he Carpathians in the west. Longest river in Ukraine is Dnieper, which is one of the republic’s main sources of hydroelectric power.
The favorable & pleasant climatic conditions are one of the main reasons of attraction for many students from across the globe especially for Indians. Winters of Ukraine are quite chilly: the average temperatures are below freezing (0 °C or 32°F), except in the most sheltered areas of Crimea. Generally, the weather is best in May-September, when days are warm and the nights are cool, although it rains more in spring than in summer.
Ukraine is also known for its production of almost all sorts of transportation vehicles and spacecrafts. Antonov airplanes have become a symbol of Ukraine. As an active participant of global space exploration, Ukraine has launched a number of satellites.
Ukraine holds the second largest army in Europe and it has the lowest crime rate which makes the nation as one of the safest places in the world. Ukraine has less than 1% of the world’s population and in spite of that, this country comprises 6% of world’s physicists, mathematicians, computer programmers and other highly trained & skilled professionals. Around 60% of the Ukrainian institutions have graduates with majors in Science and medicine.


Ukraine Education- a well-established visionary Education consultancy helps Indian and foreign students to obtain quality higher education in Medicine and Engineering from top Govt. universities in Ukraine. With the most experienced team of educational experts from India and abroad, we help students to get admission in Ukraine.
We share a long-term connection with the students as we follow-up them. Our services are not only constrained to showing the path of success to them for higher education in Ukraine, but also guide & counsel them and their parents with updated information about prospective courses, universities and employment opportunities of future. Ukraine Education is authorized by top Govt. Universities of Ukraine.
We guide students to choose the best option for them according to their academics and needs. Our main aim is to provide the best support and guidance to the students from the moment they decide to register with us. A part from providing the students with the admission services as a consultancy, we also provide them with all the necessary support in medical insurance, visa, easy travel, and financial help about living and studying in Ukraine. Getting admission in MBBS or engineering in Ukraine becomes a very simple procedure with our consultancy.
Our experienced staff provides the best guidance to the students in choosing the right University that best fits their profile. It becomes very easy for the students from India and abroad to choose the best college to pursue their MBBS or engineering degree.


Ukraine Education was established with a vision to provide an international platform for quality education in medical and engineering to Indian and foreign students. We make sure that we help the students in following the right path to get admission in the suitable university of their own choice and requirements in Ukraine. Our aim is to enable every student to pursue their dream in Medical and Engineering field without any apprehension. Promotion of friendly relation between India and Ukraine by sending aspiring medical students especially to Ukraine and educating them about the opportunities that lies ahead after completing their courses in these countries is our main concern & priority.

  1. Physical counselling to you
  2. Admission procedure at Top medical universities in Ukraine
  3. Visa assistance
  4. Payment protection
  5. Pre-departure counselling
  6. Travel arrangements


Ukraine is a country where students get the opportunity to enjoy the intercultural life. Here study is not just limited to the classrooms and labs, students are given full freedom to learn through experiments and activities also which makes them more confident and professional.

In Ukraine, the student life is not much different from other European countries. The accommodation and dining in Ukraine or at Ukrainian institutions, for students is quite cheaper as compared to other countries in Europe. The hostel fee doesn't go higher than $50/month. The facilities in the campus make a student's life much easier. Campus is fully equipped with all the safety measures and comfort stay with the availability of Libraries, Hospitals, Gyms, Halls for concerts & other gatherings, Laboratories & other training facilities, etc. The students are provided with the books and study material from the university. Participating in this kind of activity usually takes a lot of time, but if your team performs well, university administration will offer you some flexibility in attendance.
Here are few facts that explain a student's life in Ukraine:

Here are few facts that explain a student's life in Ukraine:

  1. Cost of Living: The cost of living in Ukraine is much cheaper than in other European countries.
  2. Stationary and Books: The stationary needed for studies of the student, costs very low and the curriculum books are provided by the University Library (included in tuition fees).
  3. Food: The quality of food is very good and the rate is very low. A student can easily get good standard food in very low prices. Indian food availability/Indian mess at some of the Universities is an amazing facility for Indian students.
  4. Travel: The students in Ukraine get a special travel pass on which they get up to 40% discount on travel in the country.


The rich atmosphere in Ukraine Universities helps young brains to fulfill their dream of becoming successful doctors and engineers at a very cheap and affordable cost. The intelligence and quality of surgeons and doctors in Ukraine is undoubtedly commendable which makes Ukraine a best fit for the aspiring students in the field of Medicine & Science

Ukraine Education is associated with all the Universities which are State Established and are covered under 1956 act for Medical Council of India. This makes is very simple for Indian students to get a job in India after getting a degree in MBBS from Ukraine. The degree from these Universities are accredited or recognized by WHO, MCI, FAIMER, GMC (UK), IMED, etc. The above mentioned facts can be verified at www.gmc-uk.org or www.ecfmg.org

  1. Quality education at affordable cost
  2. Globally recognized degrees (MCI, WHO, IMED, UNESCO, etc.)
  3. Comfortable living facility
  4. No IELTS/TOEFL required for admission
  5. Easy admission procedure
  6. Chances of Scholarships for International students


Ukraine being one of the most prominent destinations for education in Medical and Engineering has a literacy rate of 99.8%. The quality of education, lifestyle and cost are the major reasons why students from all across the world show interest in getting a degree like MBBS from Ukraine. The cost of education in Ukraine as compared to other European countries is much affordable for international students. Also there are a number of international universities in Ukraine which offer higher education in medical and engineering at a much cheaper rate.

Ukraine is a country where there is no discrimination in the name of race, religion, caste or sex. Every individual, local or a foreigner is entitled to equal rights and opportunities. For foreign students, there is a special foreign law under which their education is carried out. Students are also given the required training and the experts are always ready to help the students with their any related queries.

The education system in Ukraine is comprised of:

  1. Pre-school education
  2. Comprehensive secondary education
  3. Vocational technical education (VET in EU terminology) and
  4. Higher education (pre-graduate, graduate)
  5. And the post-graduate research education system for science degrees is comprised of : Candidate of Science, Doctor of Science (doctoral and post-doctoral education in EU terminology).

The academic year at Ukrainian institutions starts from 1st September and lasts for about 17-18 weeks. This is followed by an examination which is carried out for 3 weeks. For higher education, applying in the international center of Ukraine is necessary. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine manages the education system in Ukraine. There are total 24 regional educational departments, educational departments of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kyiv and Sevastopol municipal state administrations who are responsible for directing and coordinating all the operations of the education system.

Government of Ukraine has defined certain priorities in the development of education sector which are:

  1. Better quality of educational services for Ukrainian citizens
  2. Resolving research and financial issues
  3. Introduction of an independent external assessment of secondary school graduates
  4. Comprehensive support for science
  5. Ensuring broader autonomy for universities by providing the right of independent decision making on academic, research and financial issues
  6. Research-and-development by providing financial support to the universities
  7. Improving the quality of textbooks for secondary school and higher education

Main grading system used by higher education institutions-

  1. Full Description: 5-2 (very good, good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory; sometimes the marks + and – are added to the principal grades)
  2. Highest on scale: 5 (very good)
  3. Pass/Fail level: 3 (satisfactory)
  4. Lowest on scale: 2 (unsatisfactory)


  1. The cost of accommodation in Ukraine is very low as compared to other developed countries in Europe. Apart from accommodation, the cost of travel for the students is also very low and cheap. The students are given special discounts in travel within the country.
  2. The infrastructure and facilities provided to the students in the Ukraine universities are high quality matching the European standards at a very affordable cost.
  3. The students get exposure to many events like international exchange programs, conferences, seminars and other scientific projects at various international universities of Europe, UK, US and other countries which opens up many doors for them to achieve their goals in the field of medicine.
  4. The medical students are provided with all the reading material and books from the university.
  5. Also students get the following benefits- Advanced learning techniques, Holistic approach for development, Student-Teacher ratio is approx. 1:17. Increase in the chance of personal guidance, Great future prospects, Cheap transportation, Exposure to different cultures, Chances of interacting with successful people in a particular field of study and Chance to create a wide cross-cultural network.


  1. High quality education authenticated to globally-recognized standards.
  2. Entire duration of MBBS at much reasonable & affordable rate
  3. Teaching is conducted in English as a medium of language of International students especially to avoid language barriers, but for student’s choice; some courses are also conducted to teach Russian or Ukrainian languages to them.
  4. No IELTS or TOEFL required
  5. Paid internships available.
  6. Large and friendly community of international students from other countries across the globe.


Ukraine Education is associated with the following universities in Ukraine.

  1. Zaporozhye State Medical University
  2. Kiev National Medical University (O.O.Bogomolets*)
  3. Kharkiv National Medical University
  4. Lugansk state Medical University
  5. Crimea State Medical University

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